Augusta de Andrada is

Biography Edit

Augusta was born to a wealthy and rather successful family in Potosi, Bolivia.

Physical appearance Edit

Augusta is a female in her young 20's, but is said to look much younger than her actual age due to her height as well as her youthful face.

Augusta is 151 cm tall, meaning she is rather short. Her short status in combination with her thin and rather frail body, Augusta doesn't weigh much. Since she started on Project Platinum,

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

André Moissan Edit

André Moissan and Augusta met through Project Platinum where they were assigned to each others as partners. Their first meeting are at the first Period assignment were they briefly introduce themselves to each other. While Augusta takes note of André, he doesn't pay any particular interest to her.

After finishing the first compatibility probability tes, the results reveal that André and Augusta have a very high rate of compatibility (highest in the period). The two of them are therefore picked to be partners.

Their first real conversation is held as they meet before their first co-simulator training. André comments on the fact that Augusta is very min-resistent and in his opinion, therefore not fit to join the Project. When Augusta comments that it won't get in her way, he says she is too short, thin and frail- in his

Quotes Edit

- "Oh, who cares!? We're all going to die anyways!"

Trivia Edit

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