Every member of Project Platinum belongs to at least one department. The assigned department decides where they will operate, what they will handle and where their skill-sets lie. Most participants are assigned one primary and one secondary department, though some only operate within one.

It is possible to be assigned tasks in other departments than one's own, though this mostly occurs in emergencies or if one's department(s) have no current tasks to assign.

At launch, Project Platinum consisted only of five departments (Science, Piloting, Engineering, Medicine and Administration), but Medicine and Infantry was added as a consequence of The Battle of Calgary Airport.


The Department of Science (DoS) is the biggest department in Project Platinum, consisting mainly of biologists and chemists. The primary objective of those in the scientific department is to develop a cure to the corrosion sickness, and much of their research is therefore built on the salvaged research from Project Corrosion.


The Department of Medicine (DoM) is one of the new departments of Project Platinum and was at the project's launch a part of the Department of Science. As the Project saw the need of a 24/7 medical crew (especially in the aftermath of the Battle of Calgary Airport), members of the Department of Science who had knowledge of medicine was gathered to form the Department of Medicine.






The Department of Technology





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