Louise Wöhler is an Irish born pilot, now an ensign in Project Platinum.

Biography Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Thanks to her rather guarded nature, Louise often comes of as an unpleasant person. She describes herself as a very non-social person, therefore acting rather cold and curt to strangers and people she dislikes.

Her years in the military has made her somewhat stiff and created a general avoidance of expressing emotions.

Relationships Edit

Josephine Scheele Edit

Josephine is Louise´s partner, and also her romantic interest since a while back. She is rarely seen around anyone else and is said to be most comfortable around Josephine.

Henry Boyle Edit

Henry is Louise´s self-proclaimed rival, as they often compete of who is the best pilot. Regardless of their rivalry, Henry is most likely Louise´s closest friend excluding Josephine.

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