A split-role air- or spacecraft is a fighter-type of craft that is designed to be flown by two persons; one aviator and one fighter. Split-role crafts are given their name since the responsibility of an ordinary fighter pilot is now split into two roles. The piloting is now done solely by the aviator while all the firearms are handled by the fighter.

Aviator Edit

The aviator, sometimes also called the pilot, navigator or simply the flier, is the person who flies and controls the plane. The aviator is responsible for navigating and steering the craft.

The ideal aviator is quick-witted, analytical, level-headed and rational.

Fighter Edit

The fighter, sometimes also called the shooter, combatant, gunner, assailant or the attacker, is the person who is responsible for operating the weapon system and doing the fighting.

The ideal fighter is impulsive and alert. They rely mostly on instinct and are generally more hot-headed.

List of Split-role Spacecrafts Edit

Split-role Aircrafts Edit

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