A Synthetic Humanoid, often referred to as a Synth, is a robot created to act and appear like a human. There are several distinctions made within the android kind, as different models of synthetic humans have varying degrees of consciousness.

History Edit

Pre-Rash Period Edit

Research regarding synthetic humanoids was conducted on some level even before The Breakout, but since there was no real demand on immediate progress the state contribution to the field of research were frugal and advancements sporadic.

Post-Rash Period Edit

The demand of synthetic humanoids began in the post-rash period where the sudden and massive loss in population left a gaping hole in society. The need for non-human workforce firstly prompted non-humanoid robots and AI, but it soon became evident that the world needed fully thinking and feeling individuals. To restore the population by biological means was not possible at the time (at least not in the time frame that was required), so the governments of the world turned to technological solutions.

Society and Sociology Edit

Synths are still a relatively new addition to the Post-Rash world and the opinions on them vary.

Versions Edit

Manufacturing Edit

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